Friday, January 6, 2017

Through rain, snow, sleet and hail... we hug necks!

The weather forecast threatened to get in the way of our tour tonight...

But we said "Uh... no way! There's necks to be hugged in north Georgia and we're gonna hug 'em!"

And these weren't just any old ordinary necks either - these necks belonged to this crew here!

Some of the best neighbors a family could ever have!

We spent 12 years living across the street from these guys and I'm telling ya - they set a HIGH BAR for neighbors!

We were greeted with a chalky welcome at their new crib and a home cooked meal to go with it!

It was so fun to see this crew back together again - these guys grew up with each other - playing sports, chasing each other, riding bikes, taking care of each other's dogs, learning about hippos and running the streets of Harris Farms!

And they even made it feel like Colorado Springs "home" for us by bringing in the snow!

And then there's these two...

I love the friendship they started years ago and have maintained across the miles!

And who knew they had a solid "sorority pose" in 'em?

Guys... you're so awesome.

Thank you so much for being the kind of people you are... for loving us like you always have... for supporting our crazy ventures with Brighton Their World... and for generally being the best!

Thankful we got to hug some of the best necks tonight!

We love you Zeckmans - stay amazing!

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