Friday, February 10, 2017

Dream On.... Dream On...

Heart of GOLD this one here has... and I love when we get to catch glimpses of it!

Last night at her school we got to see an MLK project she worked on where she detailed Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dreams and then beside them wrote out her dreams.

It said:

"MLK's dream... was to have everyone treated the same and not be judged by their skin color. He was peaceful and said that whats inside your heart counts."

and then beside it was her dream - that said:

"My dream... is to help people that are in poverty and don't have water or food. And for people to love and not hate. And one day war will stop and every country will join together."

Go on girl! Daddy LOVES your dream!

Never, ever, ever stop dreaming Mebbie!!

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