Saturday, February 11, 2017

On Your Mark... Get Set... GO!!

With Laura in the ATL for a few days - squeezing in some miles was gonna be trickier with the goofballs in tow!

But these guys have always been down for hanging with us and exercising...

So off to the track we went!

Four and a half miles later - Z-Dogg may have been veering out of his lane but the job was done... and I had the absolute best cheerleaders EVER!

With the chant of "D... A... D-D... Y" over and over again - they kept me cruising AND smiling!

They even built a human pyramid at one point and hoisted Zechie up in the air!

Guys... you made what would have otherwise been a miserable left-hand turn only run PRETTY AWESOME!

Best pit crew ever!

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