Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pajama Party!

Since we don't really do sleepovers yet (and who knows if we ever will!) - we decided to do the next best thing and allow the girls to invite a friend over each for pizza, popcorn, fun and a movie!

They all rocked their jammies and kicked the party off with some pizza!

Z-Dogg was allowed to partake at this point...

But then it became all about the girls as Mebbie showed her friend around...

And some karaoke broke out on the stage!

Finally - it was time for the good stuff!

And nobody was arguing with that...

As they all settled in to watch a movie together!

Eventually though - 10:00 PM came and it was time for mommy to load 'em up and drive 'em home...

What a great group of girls - we loved having them all hang out at the crib!

Good times!

There will be more to come!

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