Friday, February 3, 2017

Thank You, Jesus...

Meron threw herself across our bed tonight and asked me to rub her back.

As I was doing that - and she was starting to nod off - I said:

"It's exhausting, isn't it sweetie? Sitting in a doctor's office, nervous about what he's gonna say and trying to be brave and strong for the blood draws and stuff..."

She just nodded her head. I could hear her breathing getting deeper.

"Ya know what baby girl... I am SOOOO proud of how strong you were today. Strong, courageous and brave..."

"Thank you, Daddy..." she whispered before she faded out on me...

We had noticed the slight growth/lump a while back - and after looking through pictures from all the way back to when she was a baby - we realized it had always been there.

But still...

After praying and researching and praying and talking to people and praying some more - we decided to get it checked out.

Our pediatrician was more than awesome. He ordered ultrasounds and blood-work and then referred us to a specialist up in Denver.

That brought us to today.

With so many people praying for Meron and her courage - like my friend at Compassion who wrote an "M" on her wrist to remember to pray for her all day... we jumped in the car and headed up to Denver.

All of us. We got everybody out of school and work because that's just how we roll. If one of us is up against something - we ALL are.

Laura and I had been quiet about this whole thing. We had our prayer warriors praying - but both of us felt really good about it all.

I mean... of course we had our "parental paranoias" going on and were worried - but we felt at peace.

When we got there - we realized that again - God had gone before us.

The doc was amazing - he was from South Africa and was very familiar with Ethiopia as he told us some history about the medical training there.

He had even Googled Meron's name before we got there because he was curious what it meant.

What doctor does that?

After asking Meron about 50 questions or so - and he was very specific that he wanted HER to answer him - he looked over the photos we brought of her and he smiled as he wrote some notes and did a few tests on Meron and checked her out.

That smile was because he was about to deliver us news that our girl was alright.

Just to be extra sure - he wanted to run some more in-depth blood work and just confirm some things.

We crossed the hall and Meron climbed into the seat where they draw the blood.

Her fear was written all over her face (she HATES the needle - who doesn't?) - but with Mebbie and Zechie and mommy and daddy circling around her - she straightened up her chest, dug down inside and took that needle like a boss!

Ya know... we parents put on such a show - and that's good for our kids to see us strong - but when we got in the lobby and I saw little Meron smiling and I heard that doc's voice in my head saying that she was okay... I couldn't help it...

I hugged Meron super tight and I heard her ask Laura, "Mommy - why is daddy crying?"

Happy tears girl. Thankful, grateful, precious, happy tears.

We'll continue to monitor it - and he wants to see her again after his blood work results are in - but tonight I am thanking Jesus for the people He places around us in the form of doctors from Africa, amazing nurses and technology that gives us parental peace of mind.

And this precious little angel up there - she can just go on being the 9 year old kid ho is having friends over for pizza and a movie tomorrow!

Sleep easy Meron... I know I will!

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