Sunday, February 12, 2017

They Make It Easy

Over the last few years - Laura and I have gotten pretty good at each running the place for short spells while the other is out and about for Brighton Their World!

But truthfully... it's not something she and I are doing well...

The real reason we pull it off with ease is...

These guys!

We are blessed to be mommy and daddy to the best group of little homies on the planet!

They know when one of us is out of pocket - it's not time to take advantage of t hat - but rather it's time to step up and be awesome.

And they do it SO WELL!

Guys - thanks for being so incredibly awesome and amazing at your jobs - of being kids!

These past few days you have made life EAZY BREEZY for daddy - and I can't thank you enough!

But please... know this...

We got the best kids ever!

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