Saturday, March 25, 2017

Another First - Water On His Head!

A certain somebody had another first yesterday...

Looks like the Dogg graduated from baths to showers!

Way to go Z-Dogg!

I was walking him through how to do it and handle it all - and he said:

"Daddy? Daddy? You out there?"
I yelled back to him, "I'm out here buddy..." And he yelled back to me:
"Daddy - this shower feels SOOOO good. I don't ever wanna get out!"
Didn't take him long to get the swing of things and see the awesomeness of the shower!

Another first... Stop growing up Z-Dogg!

I think we'll still see some baths cuz dude LOVES to play in them - but this could make things quicker, cleaner and easier at times!

Welcome to the wonderful world of showers, Zechie!

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