Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Built in His Image

This girl's heart...

Holy Moly!

If anything was ever built as a complete and entire model of God's heart... this girl is it!

Today this was shared from a teacher at Mebbie's school:

"My students are amazing. One sweet girl decided to ask the class what they like about me and wrote it all down. They said I give them compliments so they wanted to give me compliments. Bless their hearts. Love them! "
After a little digging and messaging - come to find out that sweet girl was MEBBIE!

No surprise to me - but man oh man - on a day when the Lord knew I was struggling with people and their very sinful nature - He gives me this little story to marinate on!

Check out what she did...

And after some back and forth with her teacher getting the approval to share this awesome story - her teacher shared this:
"Your kiddo blessed me immensely today as she was "sneaking" around the classroom to get everyone's words. Man. Makes me tear up. She has no idea how hard this year has been so far and she allows Jesus' love to shine through her and remind me that I am truly loved and am making an impact on all of these students."
Ya know what though? We're the blessed ones!

We have had such amazing teachers who love our kids so well! We are super thankful for them and the amount of attention and intention they put in to the role they have!

This girl man... God broke the mold on her!

And honestly - the way she loves - it feels like she MIGHT just be part Golden Retriever!

You're a world changer Mebbie - never give in to it!

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