Thursday, March 2, 2017

Could You, Would You On a Boat?

March 2... a day that we celebrate our FAVORITE doctor ever...

Dr. Seuss!!

And what better way to celebrate this lyrical genius than to whip up some GREEN EGGS and HAM for breakfast!

The goofballs we're loving it!

Z-Dogg included!

We're thankful for this creative force the universe got to experience! So thankful we penned our own lyrics to him!

I like to rhyme, mostly all of the time,
I really like to rhyme, I don't think that's a crime;

I like how it sounds and I like how it flows,
I think it sounds exponentially better than prose;

I like a good cadence, i like a good rhyme scheme,
Truth be told - I like rhyming even better than ice cream;

I rhyme when I'm sleeping, I rhyme when I'm running,
I rhyme when I'm on a beach towel while I'm sunning;

That's stunning! I know - but I can top that
I count fish of all colors and watch Pat sit on bats;

I rhyme cuz I can and I rhyme cuz I should,
I rhyme cuz Doc Seuss made me love it so good!

That canny ole doctor who coined the term "nerd"
changed my life with the way that he rhymed all his words!

Life could have been boring - like an APA style,
But Teddy Geisel said "NO!" as he rhymed for a while;

He broke form, he broke spelling, he broke all grammar rules,
and all of that breaking is what made him so cool!

Here's a stat that is cool if not crazy and wild,
A Seuss book's the first book for almost every child!

Yes he has had an influence for quite a long time,
Teaching kids how to read - and better yet - how to rhyme!

So today me and Laura and our sons and our daughters,
Wish a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to our favorite author!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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