Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Has Sprung Like Only Colorado Can Do!

Today was the first day of Spring Break for the goofballs and I was blessed to be able to spend it with them...

How's that you ask?

Oh ya know - we had a blizzard and three foot snow drifts this morning that got work cancelled today for me and half the city!

This little muscle mamma came out and helped me clear the driveway...

Don't let that almost dry concrete fool ya - there were like 3 foot drifts of SUPER HEAVY wet snow across that thing!

It took us a long time to clear it... and gave me a great workout since we all missed our favorite YMCA class this morning!

Then we rewarded ourselves with some fun by making Meron's first "real" snowman...

She named him "Branchy" after his weird arms...

And then the whole gang circled around for a photo op with Branchy before he disappeared because the temps were already starting to creep up when the wind died down and the sun came out.

I love that Mebbie is pretending to fan herself from the heat and Z-Dogg looks like he is freezing to death!

Way to kick off spring break Colorado! We love that we can trust you to keep us on our toes!

Okay, Spring... what else ya got for us?!

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