Sunday, March 5, 2017

We Give You All The Glory...

Every year since we moved out to Colorado - we've had the privilege of attending the the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

It's a concert put on by Compassion that travels around the country with great artists who love the Lord and spreads the word about sponsoring kids across the globe.

And because I work at Compassion - we get employee entrance - which is awesome because I don't think we'd go otherwise! This thing sells out quick with lines starting to form early in the day

So once again - around 4:15 we found ourselves pulling in here getting ready to cruise in through the employee entrance and grab some seats!

Soon enough - a little pre-show entertainment was going with Derek Minor bringing the heat!

I absolutely LOVE this tradition with this best friend of mine!

(ignore the fuzzy inside-an-arena phone pictures)

There's not much better than looking to your left and seeing your wife doing the Family Force Five "Crank It Like a Chainsaw" dance!

And then there was this crazy duo - total troopers who stayed awake and kicking til almost 10:30 PM!

And this crazy sidekick of mine - bringing a tear to my eye when she stood up and danced with me while Steven Curtis Chapman sang "Cinderella"

There was sawdust in there - I swear!

And while all the sets were amazing - from Derek Minor to Jordan Feliz to Family Force Five to Rend Collective to Francesca Battistelli to Steven Curtis Chapman...

It was Phil Wickham's short set that did it in for me.

I didn't realize I knew as many of his songs as I do!

And his absolute adoration for the Lord was palpable.

As he ended out his set - he asked everybody to join him in an old hymn of "We give you all the glory..."

As we finished up - I looked down and he was gone - spotlight shining on just a mic stand and nothing else...

Talk about playing the background and giving the honor to HIM...

Man - I've attended a ton of concerts in my life.

Like... probably 20 Kid Rock shows alone!

But there is nothing comparable to an artist using the gifts and talents the Lord gave them to shine honor and glory upon Him and a whole arena of people praising along!

Not to mention - some 300+ kids got sponsored tonight!


Kudos to Compassion and kudos to all the artists out there on the road witht hem.

We give HIM all the glory!

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