Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

I saw somebody post "Happy National Family Picture Day" - and I laughed out loud cuz it kinda is, right?

But outside of that - come on - is there any bigger day on the whole calendar than this for those of us who owe our life to Jesus?

I don't think so!

And there was no way I'd rather celebrate Him today than to spend the entire day with this crew...

A little worship.

Lunch out.

A nap!

And just hanging out all day...

I can't even put in to words the gratefulness I feel for the world's most selfless act that Jesus did when He willingly crawled on that cross and took on all of my sins (and trust me - mine would have been enough - but He took on yours and yours and yours...).

So I won't even try.

But here's a much cooler perosn than me who took 38 seconds to share why we celebrated what we did today...

Check it out:

And as usual - I gotta at least say this - if you're feeling that heart tug to learn more about Jesus - but the church has really, really, really turned you off (or other Christians have) - don't worry - you aren't alone - we've all been there (and truthfully - we often still struggle with it).

But do NOT let that stop you from learning about the freeing, incredible, unimaginable gift that Jesus has waiting for ya.

Reach out to Laura or me - we'd LOVE to chat ya up about it - and no worries - it's painless with us (no religion here - we side with Jesus on that one!).

Happy Easter, everybody! Praise God for what went down in that tomb!


K said...

Hi - My daughter and I got back from Ethiopia on Friday and I wanted to share - we saw Brighton's school on our drive around Addis (well specifically coming down from seeing the original Palace). What made me look around was the most heartwarming sound of children laughing / playing / being kids that I heard. When I turned towards the wonderful sound, imagine my surprise to see your school as the source. I just wanted to drop a note letting you know that :)

Hope you had a great holiday!


Tymm said...

Wow Kirsten! Thank you SOOOO much for sharing this with us! What you described is what we pray for regularly at the school - we just want it to be a place filled with love, joy, laughter and happiness.

Thank you so much. I hope you had a great trip and a wonderful Easter!