Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hug A Neck Tour Continues!

You're staring at one heck of an awesome group of people right there...

You might remember our "Hug A Neck Tour" back in Dec./Jan. where we hugged as many necks of people who have encouraged, supported, prayed for and generally been DOWN with Brighton Their World...

Well - any chance we get to spontaneously continue that tour - WE TAKE IT!

And today we got to spend the day wandering around Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with these guys... these incredible folks who have been RELENTLESS in their support of Brighton Their World, Brighton Academy and pretty much everything God has done through Brighton.

"Thank you" simply doesn't cut it to this crew.

We hugged necks. We fed tigers. We ate lunch. And we hugged necks some more.

You guys have no idea the amount of encouragement you have given our crew.

Your love, prayers and ridiculously generous and selfless support has been amazing - and we don't even have words to say the thanks we wanna convey!

You have let God use you in a mighty way - and we are forever grateful.

Thank you seems so small - but it is what we feel SO BIG.

Humbled to the core.

Whose neck is next?

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