Friday, April 7, 2017

Outstanding Mebbie!

This amazing girl right here came home with a notice earlier int he week that she had been nominated and chosen as the "Outstanding Student in Second Grade" at her school!

Way to go Mebbie!!

So this morning - our whole crew got to go be part of their get together to honor the outstanding students in every grade.

There was a pancake breakfast made for these kids and their families...

And there was one seriously beaming Mebbie too!

Soon - her teacher got to get up and share some words about our girl... and she said some AWESOME stuff that we all know to be true!

Check out what she had written on the note that came home:

"Mebbie is an amazing soul with kindness and concern for others that is just natural for her. She completely exemplifies what it means to be a [school name mascot].

She is ALWAYS setting an amazing example to everyone in our class about how to act, work hard and treat others. She is continually showing responsibility, citizenship and integrity.

It is hard to express the many ways Mebbie is deserving of this award. Keep up the good work Mebbie. You are amazing!
Holy moly!

I mean WE know this stuff about our girl - but seeing and hearing others see it and experience it is AWESOME!

She also got her picture taken by herself...

And with the whole lot of other outstanding kids in other grades (who I don't know so we had to cop blur out their outstanding little faces!).

These pics will be hung around the school to really honor their outstandingness.

Mebbie - you ARE one of the most outstanding girls we know - mommy and daddy are super proud of you!

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