Friday, May 19, 2017

Making Field Day Work!

Today was supposed to be field day for Meron and Mebbie as school is wrapping up for the year...

But what do ya do when it snows and the temps drop below freezing when you're supposed to be outside doing fun stuff?

Ya bring it inside and continue the fun that's what!

You do awesome silly things like "dress up crazy" bounce relay races...

WAY too fun to watch!

Ya play "human hungry hungry hippo!"

Equally as crazy to watch as these guys were blindfolded and all over the place!

And then - ya let little brother (who was just there to watch) - jump in the bouncy house with big sister!

Thanks Mebbie for being so happy for him - you're a super big sis!

This was pretty much Meron's expression the entire time!

I think she had a good time even though they were inside!

Way to roll with the crazy weather guys and enjoy an indoor field day!

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