Monday, May 15, 2017

The Faster You Run, The Quicker You’re Done

Another day - another sports season wrapping up!

Tonight was the final track meet for the girls - and they showed up!

Watching this girl run is something else...

She seems to never run out of gas and ALWAYS has that smile on her face!

And under the watchful and cheering eye of her protective big sister...

She went out there and OWNED it tonight!

She was running the mile - and she ran it awesomely!

Nice, steady pace, no running early races to tire her out, stayed focused and even had a bit of a kick at the end as she went on to beat every girl AND boy in her grade!

She turned in a 7:40 for a PR... WAY TO END THE SEASON MEBBIE!

Meron got to put some action in too as she ran the 400 meter and the 200 meter as well!

So proud of how hard she works out there!

Girls - I am SOOO proud of you guys for sticking with this year after year!

You did so good out there tonight - your mommy and daddy were close to tears as we watched you guys tear it up out there!

Run girls, RUN!

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