Saturday, July 22, 2017

She's a Connector...

So - I know I don't celebrate this gorgeous girl near enough on this blog... but today as we celebrate two years since she went under the knife to remove some cancer that God decided to remove before the surgeons got in there - I figured it was a great time to big up my very best friend!

This girl right here is a bona fide connector.

What do you mean by that, Tymm?

It's easy... she connects things. People, places, things...

I've seen her bring friendships together between others that have lasted...

I've watched her advocate hard for adoption and bring children to their families...

I've witnessed her fight relentlessly for sponsorship for 200+ kids at a school in Ethiopia...

I've even watched her pour her heart and soul into building ministries - holding hands and walking people through doors and making introductions to establish organizations - only to have the doors slammed in her face...

Yet... she keeps on giving and connecting!

It's like her heart knows no other way!

This girl is sooooo willing to jump with me... into any and everything!

And she ALWAYS has my back.

She loves others and honors God while doing it like nobody else I have ever met.

And when it comes to her crew... she is relentless with her love.

You just ask any member of our camp!

Laura... you love others so well. Even when it means hurt for you. You connect and reconnect and give and support in such an amazing way.

I am beyond thankful that these last 2 years were here for us... painful at times but all about HIM the whole time!

I want to be like you when I grow up!

Thank you God for this mommy, wife, best friend and connector!

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