Saturday, October 28, 2017

Brotherly Love

This little dude right here... ALL he wanted to do was be a part of his big sister's birthday bash.

And given their history of going at each other pretty intensely (cuz they're basically the exact same person in different bodies) - I didn't think it was gonna happen!

Meron had even previously said:

"No way. All we do is argue and I don't wanna argue while dancing... so NO WAY!"
And truthfully - the girl had a point!

But in a rare moment of what can only be deemed WORLD PEACE - Meron showed so much love to him by allow him to hang out with her and her friends through the dance party and even showed a fleeting sign of [GASP!] - LOVE - for her brother!

Truth is - these two love each other to death and don't even realize it!

Glad we captured a picture to prove it!

Way to be an awesome big sister, Meron!!

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