Sunday, October 8, 2017

Take Me To Another Place...

DISCLAIMER: Yes - i shared this on social media but wanted to archive it here where we pretty much archive everything we do as a family!

We picked Laura up from the airport on Saturday - fresh in from Ethiopia - and headed straight to a club in downtown Denver!

We had some friends in town that we wanted to hug!

Way back in my "gangsta hip hop" days - along comes this group called Arrested Development - bringing thought-provoking lyrics, dope beats... and to this day I can't hear the word "Tennessee" without singing it in my head the way they do in their smash single.

I've had the privilege of knowing Speech for a while now. Love this dude and his heart and his passion for justice (and music!). But look man - I am STILL a fanboy when I see him and his crew. When I walk past a drum machine with "Tennessee" queued up on the display I get giddy. When my kids get to hang with them and pose on stage with them - I'm still kinda in awe. Yep... total fanboy.

These guys - all of 'em - they're amazing people.

Speech is a member of the Brighton Their World Advisory Board and we hope to make a visit to Brighton Academy together soon with him and his wonderful wife Yolanda... their hearts, minds and souls are exactly what we desire to be walking alongside us!

Tasha is passionate about justice, race relations being bettered... and my kids! She even texted us to check in on the goofballs at their soccer games early Saturday morning! She runs Racism Sucks! (something we're passionate about) - go check out her cause and grab some gear to start a conversation!

JJ Boogie has a Beard Game that is kinda untouchable! I loved chatting with him and hearing his heart and passion for AD... and getting some history on his BOSSMAN beard!

Fareedah has hair that both my girls were gaga over! WAY back in the day - when Meron and Mebbie were a whole lot shorter - they were in an Arrested Development video with her - so it was cool to see 'em all back together!

The whole crew is made up of loving people with hearts as big as their smiles.

AD - it was a TOTAL privilege and gift really to hang with you guys for a bit before your show!

Thankful God allowed our paths to cross like this.

"Take me to another place, take me to another land,
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan..."

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