Friday, November 10, 2017

The Tale of the Broken Olecranon

I was in San Francisco for work... a short 2.5 hour flight away from home.

I had JUST finished Face-timing with my goofball crew and was about to head to my co-workers room to grab some dinner - when my phone rang.

It showed "Laura Hoffman" on there - which was odd cuz we just talked - but I grabbed it and said "Hey - what's up?"

Nobody said anything but I could hear some noises - sounded kinda chaotic - was that laughing?

I said "Hey - guys - what's going on?"

But that wasn't laughing I heard... it was actually screaming and sobbing. Loud, uncontrollable crying.

Chills ran down my spine.

I could make out Meron trying to say something but being overcome by sobs...

At this point... I am freaking OUT.

"Meron... calm down. What's going on girl? Meron... talk to me. What's the matter? Where is Mommy?"

She finally catches a break in sobbing to blurt out:

"Daddy... mommy broke her arm. It's bad daddy - come home... I NEED you!"

I am here to tell you - those were possibly the scariest 20 seconds of my life - as I tried to figure out what on earth was happening and why Meron was sobbing on the phone with me.

I finally got to Laura... she was eerily calm and matter of fact.

She was taking the trash out and had slipped and fallen on some ice. She was pretty sure her arm was broken.

I got back on the phone with Meron - who was still freaking out - and tried to calm her down and walk her through helping her mommy out - loading her brother in the car, getting buckled up...

And then I hung up and prayed as Laura drove herself and three kids through the icy, snowy night to the closest urgent care.

I got this picture a little while later while I was at dinner trying NOT to think about how freaked out I was...

I had messaged some friends of ours in the neighborhood asking for prayer - and silently knowing they'd rush to go help.

Sure enough - I get a text from Laura that says: "Sarah just showed up here..."

I put Sarah in that message cuz I know her - she's prone to jump into action - and that's exactly what she did - and she has no idea how much peace of mind she gave me.

She helped with the kids, picked up prescriptions and even came back to our house to get the kids in bed and got them to school the next day!

She was the church - full on!

Meanwhile - I was cutting my work trip short and finding the very next flight home I could find. Because when your little girl calls you back after calming down and says "Daddy... come home please. I just need my daddy..." - you go home.

Picked up by a taxi at 2:45 AM, I managed to be back at our house by 10:45 AM that morning so we could try and figure out what on earth to do.

Today we walked into the Center for Orthopedic Excellence with some xrays to get some answers.

Seems like Laura did a pretty bang up job on her arm!

As the doctor at urgent care put it - her olecranon was "off and up" - and that was confirmed by the surgeon today.

Apparently the piece that broke off is right where the tricep muscles and tendons anchor to the bone - so when it broke off - it got pulled up in her arm.


So - according to the doc - this is a common injury - and surgery this upcoming Tuesday will involve some drilled holes, some pins and a figure 8 wire set up to pull it all back together and let God do what God does as He heals her bone!

Laura has been a REAL trooper throughout this whole thing.

With her arm immobilized - she hasn't let on to any real pain.

The only tears we've seen have been around plans thwarted by this unscheduled accident!

Our good friend Angela was due to land here in Colorado on Thursday night for a visit - one that Laura was so looking forward to.

Angela was able to get a full refund on her trip - to hopefully reschedule SOON!

Then there was our family vacation trip to the beach...

We were supposed to leave this next Thursday morning and make our way to a rental on the beach in Alabama for a LONG and much needed ocean break over Thanksgiving.

That won't be happening now either... and we're all pretty bummed.

But here's the thing... these are just things and they can be rescheduled.

The good thing is Mommy is okay - it could have been WAY worse (think heads, concrete steps, etc) - and she WILL get fixed up soon!

So Meron is calm now. And when I asked her why she was was so worked up that night she said:"It was really, really scary daddy..."

I bet it was girl. I bet it was...

We HAVE to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who has reached out to us. Prayers, meals brought and paid for, dinners set up, so many people reaching out from near and far... and an employer who understands my absolute requirement of putting my family first in my life.

You guys have no idea what that means to us.

The network God has strategically placed around us was not by mistake. His design is sovereign and you guys have honored Him so well...

Laura may not be doing any burpees or push ups any time soon - but she's gonna be back and be strong and she's gonna do just fine.

It truly took a village this time... we couldn't have done it without you guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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