Monday, December 18, 2017

It Ain't All Festive Elves and Joy to the World...

I hate to be the bearer of the real truth - but it ain't always sunshine and rainbows 'round these parts. It's not always festive elves and joy to the world...

Believe 'dat!

And these two right up there - they're the ring leaders of crazy. They are so much alike and they are both blessed with the uncanny ability to drive the other NUTS.

And today was one of those days... 1st day of Christmas break... and before noon - at each other's throats!

I was warned early on - "Get ready... family meeting tonight."

And that's exactly what went down.

And let me just declare how much I love my family.

It's a LOT.

We didn't hesitate - jumped right into an official Camp Hoffman board meeting over dinner.

I want my crew so bad to know that it doesn't make ya any less tough to be vulnerable, honest, transparent and real.

And that's exactly what we were as we all shared our hearts and how we were feeling...

"It makes me SO MAD when he is so rude to me..."

"It makes me feel really sad when she is mean to me..."

"I get all anxious and stressed out and it kinda ruins the whole day when they argue..."

Some deep stuff. Some tears. Lots of hugs.

Lots of reinforcement that our family is family FOREVER - that we have each other's backs - that we lift each other up not cut each other down and that we're in this game of life TOGETHER.

They wrestled with it - but finally gave in and let out their emotions and real selves... and I stressed that not only did that NOT make them weak... it makes them STRONGER than most!

I grew up shoving every single issue under the rug til the rug was just puffed up in the middle and everybody knew things weren't right - even when we lied and said they were.

And I want my crew to know nothing of that kind of life.

I brought these two together later and just stressed how important they were to each other.

I said "Zechie - do you wanna feel what a hug from your strong biggest sister feels like?"

He shook his head yes and grabbed Meron so tight with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Meron wrapped him up in a Mer-Hug and full on Meronated him.

This too shall pass... and I'll die trying to help them understand what God has given each one of us when He pieced our family together.

The night ended with smiles on all... and happy hearts for mom and dad!

Now back to festive elves and joy to the world...

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