Monday, May 21, 2018

Guard Your Grill

I love taking random photo shoots with Z-Dogg (and all the crew for that matter!)...

Ya never know what we're gonna get into around here!

But this little dude is ALWAYS down for it!

I mean... weird serial killer butcher apron? CHECK!

Work gloves? CHECK!

Hand saw? CHECK!

Hip-hop attitude, attire and swagger?




That's right Z-Dogg...

Guard your grill, knuckle up...

We ain't the type to give up!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Coupon Redeemed - Run With Daddy!

Somebody decided to cash in one of her Christmas Coupons from Daddy...

And I love the one she chose!

It was time to get our run on together and I couldn't wait!

This long-legged cutie led the way - taking me on a 3 mile run on a trail I have never even been on!

She showed me the loop she ran with her Jr. Olympic Cross Country team for warm ups... and it was a blast!

The exercise was most excellent - but the time spent with this girl was PRICELESS!

Lots of great conversation and I fell even more in love with her beautiful heart, soul and spirit!

Mebski Love... I can't wait for our next run...


Saturday, May 19, 2018


Z-Dogg played his final game of Spring indoor "futbol" yesterday!

This little dude has shown SERIOUS promise in this game...

It's been super fun to watch him do his thing...

I mean - he literally SPRINTS the entire game - chasing that ball with an aggressiveness I've never seen!

And he ended yesterday with TWO goals!

Way to kill it Zechie - daddy had a blast watching you this season!


Friday, May 18, 2018

It Had To Be Done

So... it pains me to even say it - but there is a Red Sox fan on my team at work.

And things have gotten out of hand.

And we all know that sometimes extreme circumstances can call for extreme measures.

This is one of those times.

The offending party... the RED SOX HAT - was kidnapped and brought into a "Yankee Immersion" program to try and deprogram it and hopefully correct some of its behaviors...

And we do believe in redemption and changed lives - so we'll stay at it until we see this hat become the Yankees fan it really desires to be!

More to come - but i think I got the right crew on it.

These two don't be playing!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Cool Kitty Gangsta Boogie

This guy right here...

I mean COME ON!

His swagger level reaches new heights... there's literally no other way to describe him than to say:


Am I right?

It's so funny cuz the swagger he displays is somehow directly related to the sunglasses he is rocking!

He snags 'em from me - puts 'em on - and BOOM!

Cool swagger gangsta boogie kitty is here.

And I love it!

Own that swagger Z-Dogg... OWN IT!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Normal But Not Normal

A couple weeks ago - one of Meron's doctors heard what he called a "second heartbeat" when he was listening to her heart.

He wasn't freaking out but he wanted us to see a cardiologist anyway - just to be assured that NOTHING was wrong.

I told Meron she had so much love to give she needed a second heartbeat to contain it all... and she didn't seem too stressed out about it...

Until one night she came up with the stethoscope we have... pressed to her chest and said:

"I think I hear it..."

Hard not to be a little nervous about it... and today we finally got to see our doc.

After an EKG, a super thorough series of ultrasound pictures and a good checkout by our doc - it seems our girl is just fine.

When we expressed our relief that she was normal - our awesome doc replied with a chuckle:

"Oh... I'm not saying SHE is normal. But her heart is..."
He knows us well and had us all laughing!

Just to really be safe - our big girl gets to rock this little guy for 24 hours to track her "normal" heart!

About 12 more hours and she can pull these itchy things off!

Our doc didn't seem concerned which gave us a HUGE feeling of relief.

He even said, "Sometimes these things just fizzle out..."

So here's to fizzling out and staying abnormally normal!

Proud of this beautiful big girl today...

Stay abnormal Meron... STAY ABNORMAL!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It's How Ya Play the Game...

Spring soccer season is coming to an end this weekend... and I'm gonna miss seeing this smiling little face out there on the field!

And those long legs darting all over the place!

This girl consistently displays THE BEST sportsmanship...

She is quick to congratulate those around her doing well...

She encourages and supports her teammates...

And speaks kind words to her opponents!

And win or lose - she pretty much always comes off the field with that smile beaming!

She truly embraces the concept of it not being about winning or losing - but rather about how ya play the game.

And she plays it well - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Mebbie - it has been a JOY to watch you do your thing!


Monday, May 14, 2018

Respect My Authority!

She doesn't know it - cuz she doesn't even know what the show "South Park" is or that the character Cartman even exists - but this girl is the real life embodiment of him!

I mean... right down to his "Punch and Pie" approach to life...

She... Is... CARTMAN!

God help us all!

Even his battle cry is something I wouldn't even be remotely surprised to hear come streaming outta her mouth!

She runs things... no doubt.

She's a leader with charisma and a super strong personality.

She challenges us as parents and forces us to be better at it.

And I can't wait to see how He uses her for His kingdom!

Punch and Pie, Meron... PUNCH AND PIE!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Best One Around

Our morning started off with the best mommy in the universe being away from us across the country - but it was okay - because she was flying in from Atlanta that afternoon!

We had the goods ready to go...

home made cards...

A few small gifts...

her favorite key lime pie...

And a stockpiled arsenal of hugs we were itching to unload!

This girl right here has been a game changer in my life, for sure!

See... hatred, anger, meanness, words designed to hurt and a slew of other things over many many years left me with a disillusioned and honestly reduced view and opinion of the role of "mother."

Then Laura came into the role 10+ years ago and changed everything about the way I had seen it and learned it to be.

I wrote this rhyme a few years back for her... and it still stands true!

made a mommy at first by a boy who was birthed,
from a woman on the opposite side of the earth;

and by chances or maybe by her circumstances,
or the lack of resources or the needed finances;

a choice had to be made in his first 30 days,
a choice that was simultaneously mourned and was praised;

and that choice that I'd never ever wish for another,
that choice - in an instant - made you into a mother;

and that title was big and the shoes - man you wore 'em,
as our new little boy - still unseen - you adored him;

but then God - in His sovereign approach to our lives,
came and took Brighton home while He opened our eyes;

But His work wasn't done and His love was still caring,
As He led us through heartbreak and out of it with Meron;

And your motherhood blossomed and grew like a tree,
with good solid roots - it was awesome to see!

With my very own eyes I soon came to realize,
that infertility fills our heads all up with lies;

Because here right before me, the best mother stood,
Born from love and from guidance and a heart that was good;

And if that wasn't enough to show the depth of your heart,
A couple years later - again we would start;

And so Mebbie came home - and that journey was trying,
Full of prayers and of love and some motherly crying;

And then - there you sat - the best mommy of three,
I thought - "Ha... I would never have guessed this to be..."

"The life that we'd live but it's ours and I love it."
And if motherhood was baseball - man you golden-gloved it;

But God - cuz He knows - thought that you had some room,
To love an earthly boy - and I needed one soon!

So after waiting and praying and leaning on scripture,
That crazy ole Z-Dogg... he entered the picture,

And the last decade of time has been awesome to watch,
As your motherhood skills have been kicked up a notch;

While I'm thankful for days to lift you up over others,
Every day I am grateful that you're this family's mother.

Happy Mother's Day to the best one I have ever known...

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sweet or Gangster?

I tossed Mebbie my $5 aviators and asked if I could get a picture of her...

She put them on and said,

"Sure... do you want sweet or gangster?"

I was thrown off! I said... "Gimmee both!"

She dropped her version of "gangster" on me...

And then quickly transitioned to "sweet" - which let's be honest - just comes naturally to this girl!

I am LOVING watching her personality explode as she comes into her own!

Mebbie - sweet or gangster - it doesn't matter - I love ya as ANYTHING!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Bump, Set, Spike!


It is her thing she loves!

And I love watching her put in work on the court...

She's even got her little "Jordan Tongue of Focus" thing going on!

She has been at with different groups of girls now for 4 years and she's gotten pretty good!

And if you ever doubt that what you think as a parent matters - go hang out at their sporting events.

As soon as every single play that she is involved with is over - she looks directly at me for approval.

I am always ready with a head nod and a thumbs up - and then let her know afterwards that having FUN and being part of her team is what matters most!

She even got to play with one of her best friends from school this year!

Meron - as long as this sport brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart - you keep playing, girl!

And daddy will be there watching!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

I GET to do this...

Laura is outta town this weekend - sharing with some Brighton Their Word supporters in Atlanta - so it is just me and the goofballs holding it down!

I know a lot of folks would be like...

"look what I HAVE to do this weekend - I have to manage the kids..."

I don't see it that way. Not at all.

This is something I GET to do.

And it's a blessing and a privilege!

Lord... thank You for the gift of this responsibility!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I love this little crew of people!

These guys have been friends for a good while and have filled our cul de sac and basement up with lots of noise and fun!

These two have played together more times than I can count!

These guys have been in class together for like the last 3 or 4 years I think!

And Z-Dogg loves to sling the football around with this dude... he'd do it ALL day!

When school is out this year these guys are moving outta state... and while we're bummed they won't be right down the street for our goofballs to go walk down and knock on the door anymore...

We're thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to know them and become the good friends we did - and that friendship can stay intact over distance!

Friendships are the coolest...