Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dream House

An art room.

A memory room.

A teleport room.

A palm tree lined swimming area.

A motion triggered volcanic alarm system.

It can only add up to one thing!

Mebbie's dream house drawing!

I came home to this awesome drawing on my desk of what Mebbie's dream house would be like!

The only thing better than the drawing itself was Mebbie's description of all the rooms!

Her creativity knows no limits!

Keep creating Mebbie... keep creating!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Still A Kid!

Sometimes I forget that Mebbie is just a 9 year old little girl!

I mean - she is spiritually more mature than most church leaders I have had the joy (or not) of being around.

She's wise beyond her years.

She practices discernment, seeks wisdom and is kind to everybody she comes in touch with.

She is always smiling, always a bubble of joy, always willing to give to others, help others and put herself last...

See what I mean?

It's hard to not think the girl is 25 years old with some worldy experience under her belt!

But then she goes and pulls her hair up like this and bounces around the house looking all super cute in her jammies and smiling and giggling and I remember...

Mebski Love is just a 9 year old cutie pie having fun in life!

Mebbie - you may be super grown up in your mannerisms and behavior...

But you'll always be my baby girl!

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Year of 'Fro Grow

Exactly one year a go today - while a single tear rolled down my cheek and splashed to the ground - I did this to poor Z-Dogg's cranium!

You can check it all out right here...

Real talk though... it needed a reboot.

We had let it get a WEE BIT outta control!

And now - 365 Days Later - here we are!

It's coming back in so fresh and so clean and we're loving it!

Next chore for daddy - find the right barber in this really, really, really white town that can hook Z-Dogg up with a dope little shadow fade so we don't end up with those outta control under-curls again!

We often miss the ATL - but situations like this REALLY make us miss it as I know we could find the right barber faster than you could say "Shadow Fade."

But we're trusting that the right dude is gonna present himself to us!

And until then - we'll keep brushing it, conditioning it, loving it and willing it to grow even longer... cuz what else do ya do to a head of hair that is screams "AWESOME" like that?

Looking extra, super dope, Z-Dogg!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Celebrating Some of His Best Work!

Today we had the privilege of celebrating one of God's most amazing creations!

That's right - Laura - our mommy - the glue of this crazy camp - celebrated another trip around the sun!

A year older, a year wiser and a year HOTTER (that's for the goofballs - it makes them groan!)...

There's so much I could say about this girl - I could fill volumes upon volumes - but suffice it to say this: I couldn't live without her!


We are currently on day 21 of Whole30... and I knew she'd do ANYTHING for a slice of key lime pie right now...

So I did a little digging and found me a Paleo Key Lime Pie recipe that we modified a little to make it Whole30 compliant...

And she was PUMPED!

We even dug around for candles and all we could find was this "ZERO" - so there ya have it... Happy 0th Birthday, Babe!

I hope you know how loved you are.

How cherished you are.

How respected, adored and admired you are.

Just how made in His image you really, truly are.

You're an angel. A Godsend. A miracle in our lives.

And we love you more every day.

Thank you, God, for making this incredible creation and blessing our lives with her!

Here's to a whole bunch more years of you being the amazing you that you are!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Digital Compassion

Man... we absolutely LOVE that we get the privilege of being able to sponsor a child through Compassion International.

These guys pretty much invented child sponsorship and they do it right and do it in the name of Jesus with ZERO shame or hesitation.

What's that in the hands of this crew of lovely ladies you might be wondering?

Well, Compassion also gives ya tons of ways to make the impact of your sponsorship grow with leaps and bounds.

That's the new and improved Compassion App that we all have installed!

And we're loving it!

We've already written two times to "Little Meron" this week - with pictures and everything included!

I absolutely LOVE how simple they make it!

They give you info about your child, their location, their education, their activities... all at your fingertips!

And it also has simple reminders that can be set to remind us to write our girl and also to remind us to PRAY FOR HER!

Wanna get in on the awesomeness that is this app?


Go check out the kids who need a sponsor... pick the one that speaks to your heart...

Then simply download and install the app and you're on your way to some digitally awesome Compassion!

I love how Compassion has done everything they can to remove the barriers that might halt my own compassion...

Thanks Compassion International - for all you do for kids in need around the world - and for the powerful Name you do it in!

Friday, January 26, 2018

I See You Over There...

Okay Mebbie - it's my quarterly reminder that:

I see you over there, girl!

I see you over there being the quiet and reserved middle child.

I see you working so hard in school and doing amazing!

I see you becoming a lover of reading - Harry potter is almost done (movie time!)

I see you loving Awana and church and digging in to your bible!

I see you treating people with kindness and being a bright light for Him every chance you get!

I see you loving your little brother with all of your heart.

I see you cherishing your whole family and loving us all so well!

Bottom line girl... DADDY SEES YOU!

And I couldn't be any more proud of who you are and I thank God daily that He chose ME to be your daddy!

Stay awesome, Mebbie... and I'mma keep watching!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

No One Said It'd Be Easy

Parenting is hard, man.

Strike that... it ain't just parenting that's hard... it's trying desperately to raise three little gifts from God as the holy beings they are in a spiritually dead, broken, fallen, innocence-attacking world.

THAT is what's hard.

And lately - this week specifically - the world tried to throw all kinds of junk at us.

And some of it was real hard stuff...

Like innocence-shaking, heart-breaking, emotion-shattering, you're too young for this kind of stuff.

And in it all, satan shows up quickly and deviously, and whispers in my ear:

"You SUCK as a dad. Look where you're at. Ugh... you're failing man... FAILING."
He whispers loud. He knows my weaknesses, my lack of confidence, my points where I lacked a solid model and guidance and leadership...

So he attacks those spots. He attacks them hard and strong. But here's the thing...

I'm stronger than he is. I have the eternal Winner on my side.

So I call him out when I sense him... and he has no choice but to get behind me.

Tonight - putting these two holy joys from Heaven to bed - I smiled and thought how much satan would love for me to see me as a failure.

Because how could a failure raise winners?

And he wants to see me fail at helping these bright lights from God shine like He designed them to.

But we ain't gonna fail.

No way, no how.

Look - nobody said this gig would be easy... but we're in it for the win.

Get behind us tough week - we're brand new again in the morning!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I Am Going To Church...

One of Z-Dogg's homework assignments tonight was to draw a picture and write a quick note about something he was going to do this weekend...

Little homie chose to draw and write "I am going to church."

I love it!

Zechie ALWAYS draws himself brown - and apparently he draws the church very colorful!

I love that even given the tumultuous run we've had with "church" over the past year and a hlaf or so - Z-Dogg still has it top of mind when he thinks about things we'll be doing this weekend!

Zechie... daddy is glad that you love church and look forward to going!

Never let that change Z-Dogg. Ya can't hold it accountable if you're not THERE!

Daddy may expect a lot from the church and hold them to their scriptural obligations - but in all my times doing that - we never left it.

Too many people wanna bash it while leaving it... and that makes their input irrelevant.

Stay loving it, stay relevant and stay representing Him like you do!

Take 'em to church, Z... take 'em to church!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Main Man

This is my main man and he is growing up SO FAST!

Too fast really...

But dude had a rough kind of day today... the kind of day that reminded me he is just 6 years old.

It was challenging from the start with a rough morning before school - then an email from his teacher regarding pinching, hitting and not listening at all.

The type of day that required a daddy to leave early from work and meet him at the house after school

We had some IN-DEPTH discussions - and this type of behavior has to have consequences so little man had to skip a play date and hit the sack early.

When I got back from running - Laura said:

"Zechie specifically asked that you come see him..."
I walked into his room and said "Hey buddy..."

He was still awake and he climbed into my lap and we hugged. I asked him what he had been thinking about all night and he whispered:
"I was thinking about today... and today was not okay. What I did today was not okay..."
And he buried his head into my chest.

I am proud of him... and I told him that.

Proud that he recognizes the wrong.

Proud that he was willing to admit it.

And I assured him that I KNEW that he could do better than that because he was made in the image of God...

He smiled a sleepy smile.

We prayed a good prayer and I tucked him back in.

And all seemed well.

This daddy walked away with a lesson learned too. Zechie is NOT his sisters. He is his own little man walking to the beat of his own little drummer.

And he's only 6.

He's gonna get it and when it all clicks - he's gonna be a mover and shaker for God... and I cant wait to see what He does in and through him...

Growing up is tough, Z-Dogg... and parenting it is too!

Hang in there little homie... daddy has your back!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Daddy... My Ears Are HOT!

This girl right here is straight up nutty... and I LOVE it!

Last night - after we came in from shoveling (she begged to help me!) - she said:

"Daddy.... my ears are HOT... like burning!"
Weird, huh?

We took her temperature - she was fine.

I told her somebody was probably talking about her... that's all.

She looked at me like I was wacko - then went and put some ice in two small bags, before asking:
"Daddy - do you have some tape? I need to tape these ice bags to my ears."
Dead serious... not even a hint of a smile.

I suggested she get her ear cover thing and tuck them up in there - much better hold than tape.

And there she sat... looking as cute as can be.

With ice strapped to her ears.

About 30 minutes later she says:
"Daddy! My ears are FREEZING!"
Ya think?

I wonder why, ya goofball!

The girl keeps me smiling for days.

She woke up today and her ears were just fine.

So thankful for her spirit!

Stay YOU, Meron - the world needs your unique YOU!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Her Gift of Creativity

Granny got the goofballs each their own Kindle Fire for Christmas...

Some of 'em watch Netflix... some of 'em play games...

But this girl... she has discovered a drawing app and is having a field day with it!

I love her creativity!

And even more than that - I love her desire to tap into it!

Every morning she is showing me a new creation she has come up with.

She called this one "Rainbow Mountains" I think... and I LOVE it!

Oh don't get me wrong - she's been known to zone out on some Netflix and play some games too - but I love watching her hone a skill and gift she has!

Never stop creating, Mebbie!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

My Ride or Die Crew

Every day - I got these 3 little sets of eyes looking up at me.

Three cute little sets of ears... listening to me.

And it's my desire and wish that this crew - my ride or die goofballs - will NEVER question how hard their daddy had their backs.

They'll never question where I stood in these tumultuous times we are currently in.

Nope... not at all.

I got their backs for ever and I know these little world changers got mine too.

Rest easy homies.. daddy will go into any battle with ya!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Nobody's Victim

For Christmas - this girl got an amp and a mic... it's all she really wanted.

And trust me - she has a lot to say (and sing)!

I absolutely love walking alongside her as she learns to be a voice for good, to stand up for wrongs, to SPEAK UP... she's an easy student cuz trust me - she is READY!

We've had a wacko-bizzaro week filled with all kinds of unsolicited contact, feedback and comments regarding me (daddy), our family, who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

It's been interesting AND eye-opening to say the least!

One of the lovely, friendly, uplifting comments we got was from an apparent long-time reader of our blog. I have never heard of her until this though - but she made it clear she was real aware of who I was based on the time she has been around reading our blog.

After clearly not finding much joy in my "Dear Mister President..." post or my "The President's New Clothes" rhyme - here is just a sampling of the encouraging feedback she left us:

"It's a shame to see families teach their children to look for opportunities to be victims. But, hey, they're your kids. I am sure at some point victim status will be very important in their lives as it seems to be in yours."
Tonight I shared those words with the Meronator and explained what it meant to "be a victim."

She found the whole idea and accusation from this silly, irrelevant internet troll as laughable as daddy did.

And then she kinda bowed up on it and was ready to get vocal!

Jacket off, mic in hand, steely game face on... I had to talk her down!

Look - I know I shouldn't let some silly, pointless comment from some otherwise unknown to us internet troll bug us.

This person is clearly a zealot for the current pretend "president" as a quick scroll through her 60 trillion tweets a day show... so in the end - it didn't really matter to us what she thought.

But it did provide an excellent opportunity to talk to Meron and help her understand the world we live in and how it can turn on ya quick.

And how she has a voice and that is POWERFUL - and that she will always have BOTH MOMMY AND DADDY in her corner.

Meron... those who really know you and us as a family KNOW you ain't anybody's victim, girl!

And standing up for what is right, what is true and confronting injustice will almost always bring ya some hate in this world.


Daddy has your back for as long as I am breathing, girl!

Stand UP, Speak UP, Seek JUSTICE.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Just Needed To Smile

It has been a WILD kind of week, man...

We had crazy communication from folks who wrote us off a year ago, bizarre behavior from a rogue ministry in Ethiopia, out of the blue (and outta their minds!) requests for connections on social media from people who have been willingly used by satan to attack us repeatedly...

Not to mention a slew of comments about some of my content that brought our kids into it and called me all kinds of things.

It was THAT kind of week!

I sat down tonight to address a bunch of it - popped the SD card in to see what pics I could use - and came across this one.

I don't even remember taking it - but Lord knows I needed it tonight.

And I decided to just smile... cuz I needed to.

Oh - I'll address the other stuff soon - we always do... but for tonight:

I'm just gonna look at my people and smile!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Down For Whatever

I love that this girl doesn't even care what it is - if we're doing it - she is DOWN FOR WHATEVER!

Even when it's dressing up and striking some of Dr. Martin Luther King's poses from some of his famous photos!

On another note:


She looks good all dressed up and ready to use her voice!

Can't wait to see the ways in which God chooses to use her, her voice and her story!

Power to you, Meron! Stay strong!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

He Loves His Mebbie!

This little dude right here absolutely LOVES his Mebbie!

She plays Legos with him, skates with him, invites him in to play barbies with her and any other countless number of imagination games they get going!

She's a spectacular sister to him!

And truth is - she loves him just as much.

Mebbie is so tapped into her creative imagination and she invites Z-Dogg along all the time!

One of my favorite noises is hearing them be silly and goofy and playing together downstairs.

I know it doesn't last forever - so I am enjoying them enjoying each other now!

Z-Dogg... you got a GREAT sister and she has a pretty great little brother too!

Always be kind guys - you do it well!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today - with probably the weirdest timing ever - we celebrated this absolute champion of a man with a champion of a mission.

While the world stews about the ridiculously ignorant, vulgar, rude, ugly, narcissistic and racist comments from our "pretend leader" - we decided to take a break from using our voices (like we all should be doing) and spending some time reflecting on this amazing man that God built for a purpose.

When I look at him - I see each one of my kids in him...

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

I want my kids to feel empowered. Strong. Courageous. Bold.

"The time is always right to do what is right."

I want them to feel encouraged and inspired by REAL leaders - past or present - that they can look up to and emulate in their lives.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

I want them to be strong advocates for justice - always willing to call out a wrong when they see it.

Today was a most excellent day to dig into those traits and characteristics - like we have done on this day EVERY year for as long as I can remember.

And at the end of the day - over prayer time as a family - we thanked God for making Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and filling him with the Spirit that he did - one willing to speak up when an obvious wrong was being played out.

We salute his courage.

We salute his boldness.

We salute his willingness to sacrifice everything - life included - to stand for what was right.

And we thank the Lord for him because he set things in motion for our family to even exist in this country.

We know we've come a long way - and this past few days alone have shown us just how far we have to go.

In the spirit of Dr. King, Jr - we will continue to stand, continue to fight, continue to use the tools and voices empowered to us to shed light on the ever-increasing darkness around us.

And we'll do it cautiously and carefully - knowing full well that:

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Sunday, January 14, 2018

My New Start With God

Mebrate Saidah is our DEEP, DEEP thinker.

Always has been... and not only is she a deep thinker... but she is full of empathy and compassion and the strong desire to chase God.

I am always so encouraged and inspired by her.

Last week when I picked Mebbie up from Sunday School - she had a big smile on her face and said: "Daddy - that was one of the best Sundays ever!"

I asked her why and she went on to tell me all about what they had done - and then she said, "And I got the chance to pray and write down this letter to God..." and she handed me this note that read:

"My New Start With God - by Mebbie

I feel like I am not spending a lot of time with You anymore and I want to come closer to You and I want to listen to everything You tell me.

And I want to start reading my bible more.

I want to think and read about You everywhere not just Awana and church."
And she was smiling from ear to ear!

It wasn't a bad thing - she saw this new year and new beginning as an AWESOMELY positive thing!

Mebski Love... your daddy is SO PROUD of you girl and imagine this if you can...

As much as I love you... your heavenly Father loves you infinitely more than that!

You're HIS daughter and you are so loved.

Never stop chasing Him, Mebbie!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The President's New Clothes

a re-telling of a classic story that is ALL TOO relevant these days!

The President's New Clothes
"Trust us" they said, "We make the finest clothes!"
"We cover leaders like you in the best - head to toes!"

Then they whispered out a secret and swore to him it was true,
Their clothes had special powers - and here's what they could do;

When a leader puts them on and wears them with great pride,
They reveal the truths around him that others may try to hide;

So he spread the word loud and he spread the word clear,
"If you can't see these threads you are dead to me here!"

"If you can't see my clothes that just shows what you know,
Or better yet - what you don't - and so then you must go!"

For weeks the people waited while the leader just hated,
Afraid to speak truth - all their breath was just bated;

He was reckless and crazy and oftentimes lazy,
And the truth spoken to him got dimmer and hazy;

For who in his circle would dare be the first,
To tell the "great leader" his clothes were the worst;

Or worse than the worst - his clothes just weren't there,
He was parading around like a fool in the bare;

With his head held up high and the rest - well - just sagging,
He was cocky, flamboyant, he was nagging and bragging;

But a child spoke up - in the midst of all the fuss,
He said "Sir put some clothes on you're embarrassing us!"

Who are you in this story? The kings men or the youth?
Which carries more weight - how you're seen... or the truth?

He's not a fan of what ya said about his birthplace, Prez...

Friday, January 12, 2018

Dear Mister President...

Dear Mr. President... I've been so hesitant to do this,
But your petulant sentiment is evident. So let's get to it;

And my hesitancy was never 'bout your presidency,
I had friends, ya see, down on bended knee...

Worshiping you like you were some worthy idol,
As if "Supreme Being Creator" was a part of your title;

And I love my friends. So I stayed outta the noise,
But then you said a little something 'bout my girls and my boys;

You opened your flapping mouth and let the words come on out,
Cuz ya thought you were in a meeting that no one would hear about;

And when the truth was heard, you're so narcissistic and vile,
Ya started tweeting and believing your own ridiculous denial;

And you've convinced yourself and all your followers,
Ya know - the thousands and thousands of kool-aid swallowers,

That you're a leader... and your brains not hollower,
Than the halls you're in, ya filthy self wallow-er;

It's like you woke up one day at the helm of a great country,
And thought to yourself, "Hmmm - how funny would it be?"

"If I drove this here place directly into the ground?"
"And I can do it - cuz I'm the most stable genius around!"

Man... shut up. Just shut up and stop talking,
Stop expressing contempt and ridicule... stop mocking!

Did you even count the cost of this? Running for these offices?
You've been a fountain of nauseousness in all of your caucuses;

A perverted purveyor of hate disguised as "Let's make it great!"
Subverted betrayer of state - despised for the lies you make;

You've made us the laughing stock of the whole entire globe,
There simply must be something off inside of your frontal lobe;

My 6 year old wont eat breakfast and often pees in his bed,
But he has way more sense than you do inside of your head;

And guess what, man? This is gonna make ya frown,
That 6 year old who's wiser than you? He's BROWN.

You're a racist bigot fool trying to run the USA,
But you're not fit for the role - go try on the KKK;

You'd be a wizard that's grand if you joined the Klan,
And have a blizzard of fans all around ya man...

And speaking of your fans - you've given 'em carte blanche,
To flaunt their hate around - and man your fans are staunch;

Committed to your cause and the lies that come with it,
Or committed to their own heart and the hate inside of it;

And worse than your fans are the silent middle grounders,
Afraid to raise their voice even a little - so they just flounder;

"If I denounce his crazy ways - will I then fly the coop?
Will I still get invited to my church dinner group?"

"What if I stand out when I stand up and shout?"
So instead... CRICKETS... and I'm left to doubt;

Where they stand or what they feel when they look at my crew,
Because my crew - if you ain't noticed - doesn't look much like you;

But you don't get this. And I don't think that you care,
You're more into blonde hair and complexion that's fair;

So you do you, chump. And I'mma keep doing me,
Counting years through my tears - we're down to T-minus three...

You don't wanna mess with an angry Mebbie and a tired Meron!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

Went downstairs tonight to hug on my goofballs with the heaviest kind of heart after hearing some of the childish, racist, slurring, disparaging remarks our wonderful Narcissist-in-Chief made today about countries like the one where they were born.

And since we don't sugarcoat anything - and we want these warriors to hear things in our house - not from kids on the playground or in the halls at school - we told them what this champ of a man had said.

They are 9 and 10... and with no prompts from us - they were appalled.

The Spirit in their hearts doesn't allow them to NOT be.

They have a better and stronger moral compass than the man some people put in office to lead us.

We prayed strong prayers for their country. We prayed for Haiti, El Salvador, Liberia and a whole slew of other countries that we LOVE.

These girls need to hear their daddy praying about their birthplace - and all kinds of places - with love and a heart for the land and the people there.

He-who-shall-not-be-named represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with this world.


And my crew will hear real, raw truths from their daddy every single time.

And while this dope little homie was already snoozing - I prayed over him too.

I will protect my family at any cost. You are either with us and you've said it... or you are against us and your silence shows it.

One idiot's sh*thole is another man's paradise.