Friday, January 5, 2018

Dear Meron...

Dear Meron... Hey there! It's me, daddy!
I wanna put some words to paper before this day gets past me;

Cuz you're 10 now... a whole decade has come and gone,
Seems like a couple minutes - can't believe it's been so long;

But time is fleeting and I wanna make sure you're aware,
How much your daddy loves you, how much your daddy cares;

You've been everything I needed, a harvest that God had seeded,
A cure for a broken heart that was ravaged and beat and bleeding;

You turned darkness into light, turned rain clouds into sunshine,
Opened up the world to a mind that was feeling confined;

You're the best love originator on either side of the equator,
And your existence alone has brought me closer to our Creator;

There's no ten year old that's greater and that I'd debate sir,
You're a smile radiator, you're a leader, a conciliator;

You're a friend who would defend her friends to the very end,
You're not pretend... you transcend ten... and daddy commends!

You'd be my first pick for dodge ball, kickball or four square,
And let's not pretend I'm not crazy jealous of your hair!

You have an outlook on life that is positive and joyful,
your cup is half full - even when empty - and you're so loyal;

you are a ruthless defender of your mommy and me,
And you've added a branch full of excitement to our family tree;

I just wanted to take a second to let ya know how I feel,
Never stop being you - cuz God made you the real deal!

Daddy loves ya, girl!

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