Saturday, January 13, 2018

The President's New Clothes

a re-telling of a classic story that is ALL TOO relevant these days!

The President's New Clothes
"Trust us" they said, "We make the finest clothes!"
"We cover leaders like you in the best - head to toes!"

Then they whispered out a secret and swore to him it was true,
Their clothes had special powers - and here's what they could do;

When a leader puts them on and wears them with great pride,
They reveal the truths around him that others may try to hide;

So he spread the word loud and he spread the word clear,
"If you can't see these threads you are dead to me here!"

"If you can't see my clothes that just shows what you know,
Or better yet - what you don't - and so then you must go!"

For weeks the people waited while the leader just hated,
Afraid to speak truth - all their breath was just bated;

He was reckless and crazy and oftentimes lazy,
And the truth spoken to him got dimmer and hazy;

For who in his circle would dare be the first,
To tell the "great leader" his clothes were the worst;

Or worse than the worst - his clothes just weren't there,
He was parading around like a fool in the bare;

With his head held up high and the rest - well - just sagging,
He was cocky, flamboyant, he was nagging and bragging;

But a child spoke up - in the midst of all the fuss,
He said "Sir put some clothes on you're embarrassing us!"

Who are you in this story? The kings men or the youth?
Which carries more weight - how you're seen... or the truth?

He's not a fan of what ya said about his birthplace, Prez...

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