Sunday, February 18, 2018

Her Inner Artist

Today was a GORGEOUS day here in Colorado Springs!

Like sunny, almost 60, a little breezy - but felt AWESOME outside... so we tried to spend as much time out there as we could (cuz we KNOW the cold ain't gone yet!)...

At one point - I looked down towards the end of the driveway - and there was Mebbie - posted up on the brick wall.. sketch pad in hand busy drawing away!

I just LOVE watching this girl take chances with creativity!

She's willing to jump into just about anything... and I LOVE it!

I snuck down behind her to see what she was up to - and she was busy sketching out the beauty of the mountains in the front range that we can see from the front porch!

Her heart and passion for art and creating is an inspiration to me OFTEN!

Never stop flexing the muscles of the gifts He gave you Mebbie!

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