Monday, February 19, 2018

Highly Eccentric Path

Ya ever get asked to be part of something ya feel totally unqualified for? And then ya bounced around from fear of letting people in too far to outright feelings of humility for the undeserved ask?

Can't be just me.

A couple weeks ago I got an email from our friend Rebecca. She has a blog where she does serious writing - like high quality level writing designed to encourage and inspire... and she was inviting me to be a part of a series she was gonna write about "creative people."

Humbled to the core.

She knows a lot of creative folks - she certainly didn't have to reach out to me - but she did.

And I was honored by her request.

She compared me to a comet - for several reasons... did you know one definition involves the phrase "highly eccentric path?"

Me either... but I kinda like it! Wanna know the other comparisons?

Go check out her article: Profile in Creativity: Tymm, The Comet

And while you're there - read the rest of her profiles too - she has some super creative friends! Creativity attracts creativity I think...

While I don't call myself "a creative" (I touch on the "why" in her interview too) - I am certainly surrounded by creativity and I do love to find ways to have creative outlets that keep me sane!

Rebecca - I am honored and humbled that you'd include me in such a skilled, talented group on your blog. Thanks so much for recognizing stuff that i often thinks disappears into the black hole of the internet - and thanks for challenging me to really think about it too!

Whats YOUR creative outlet?


Renate said...

I read her blog. Made me see you in a totally different light.
You go Tymm. I have always thought you were raising your kids with the right values. What I just learned was how talented you are.

Your friend

Unknown said...

Thanks for those kind words, Renate!