Thursday, February 8, 2018

Holy Braids, Batman!

Tonight - it was Mebbie Doodle's turn to hit the hair salon!

And she was STOKED!

And for good reason... she was about to get the coolest 'do around!

We really lucked out when we found the stylist with some fingers of fury who could knock stuff like this out with her eyes closed!

And I was FLOORED at how long Mebski Love's hair really is!

And while she looks so much older in 'em - I love that we were able to get these done for her.

Through a face-eating smile she said "I can finally shake my head and see my hair whip around!"

Awesome hair, Awesome smile, Awesome heart, Awesome soul!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hair and gorgeous little girl. I remember being that age and getting my hair done with braids and beads. I loved whipping it around and hearing the sound of the beads. Tell her to get her inner Willow on and whip that hair back and forth!