Saturday, February 24, 2018

No Mercy Pictionary

Well... it happened again. Another evening of:

No Mercy Pictionary!

Kids versus adults... as usual!

The goofballs came out swinging - as Meron had to draw a "paddle" and then Mebbie scored a tough one...

The clue was "It Starts with S"...

...and even though Mebski Love drew a pretty great rendition of "STORK" - Meron could only guess "Send the baby away" before time ran out!

And then there was Mommy... known for her amazing animal drawings - she SWEARS her "badger" picture was spot on (I did NOT guess "badger")...

Mommy and I stepped away as two time winners... AGAIN.

These guys know not to expect any gimmees from us!

But none of us care about who wins - we had a BLAST just being goofy as a crew!

These are my people... and I love 'em more than I can even describe.

Stay crazy, Camp Hoffman!

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