Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

Happy Easter!

After spending the week talking about Holy Week, Jesus, Good Friday - attending multiple services, digging in to the Bible, etc. - today was our one last day of Spring Break to SLEEP IN!

So we did!

And after getting off to a funny April Fool's start from our "easter bunny" - we jumped into some later than usual egg-ish festivities!

The goofballs had a blast dying eggs...

And this crew takes this art-form super seriously.

Especially when it comes to sticker placement!

And we ended up with a couple cartons of beautifully decorated soon-to-be-eaten eggs!

After some play time at the park and an early dinner out - it was time to get the picture for what is also known as "National Family Portrait Day."

In the first one we took flight... not quite the pic we needed.

So we tried our "Hard Hoffmans" poses... not it either.

And even though Z-Dogg tried to act like he was freezing - I think we got the keeper on the last try!

And while this week doesn't look much different than others around this camp because we are daily trying to focus on Him and what He did for us and how we can better honor and glorify Him... we did spend some extra time being super thankful for the death sentence that Jesus gave death when He conquered that grave!

Happy Easter, everybody!

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