Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Rock

Who is your rock? Ya know - the one ya lean on, the one who stabilizes ya, the one who is a foundation that doesn't get shaky?

This girl right here is my rock.

And I certainly don't write about her enough but man do I appreciate her!

Look... I know being married to me can't be easy.

I'm opinionated, open, truthful (to a fault some would say). People hate me for the things I say or write and then she gets hated "by proxy."

I think I get this look a lot!

But ya know what?

Nobody has EVER had my back like this girl does!


She supports me in everything and I know without a doubt she would walk through fire for me.

Laura - I don't say it enough - but I appreciate you and love you more than you could ever imagine!

Luckiest dude alive... that's me!

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