Monday, April 23, 2018

Run Like A Girl!

Tonight was Mebbie's first Land Sharks track meet of the season.

This girl LOVES to run!

And I love to watch her!

She ran the 50m to start with and got second in her heat. In her words:

"It's okay... I'm not a sprinter! It was good practice for my kick though!"
Yes it was... and it worked!

Here she was in her second race - the 800m - all mixed up with the boys... right where Mebbie likes to be - showing that girls can do anything just as well!

She's fierce like that!

Right after I snapped this pic - that girl jumped out past Mebbie with about 100 meters to go...

I screamed "Kick Mebbie!" (in a non-psycho-track-dad kind of way)

And her kick has historically been her weak spot... but not today!

She bolted and put about 20 meters between the two of them as she cruised across the finish line as the first girl at something like 3:28 and I think top 10 overall in her age group!

Mebbie - daddy couldn't be more proud of you, girl!

i love that you love to run... never stop enjoying it and smiling while ya do it!

Run like a girl, indeed!

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