Saturday, May 5, 2018

She's Got the Joy, Joy, Joy...

"Oh my word" is all I got when it comes to this little daughter of a Heavenly King right here!

She is the quintessential "middle child" - willing to entertain herself for hours with a good book or her dolls or drawing... and she works at staying out of the limelight...

So I work hard at reminding her that...

I see you, Mebbie!

She is so full of joy almost ALL THE TIME and she brings a light to our family that is a one of a kind!

She hates when things are out of wack - when people aren't getting along and she strives to be the BEST model for how we should all be!

Mebbie - your daddy SEES you and I am forever in awe of you, little girl!

Keep bringing the joy, joy, joy, girl - this world needs it!

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