Thursday, May 31, 2018

Teacher Jackpot

As another school year came to a close today - I got to thinking about just how blessed we have been in the teacher department with the goofballs.

We have had amazing teachers over and over again and this year was certainly no different!

Take Z-Dogg's teacher for instance.

Look - we know the Zechmiester can be a handful at times - but Mrs. V. partnered up with us and loved on our little guy SO MUCH this year!

Mrs. V. is moving away after 12 years at this school - and as we gave hugs and said goodbye today - she got down on her knees at Z-Dogg eye level and spoke so much love into our little man.

She had tears in her eyes and she had me and Laura fighting off tears like crazy.

Later on - Zechie said to us:

"When Mrs. V. started crying my eyes got all watery..."
Sweet little dude... he certainly loves Mrs. V. and she will never be forgotten in this household for sure!

And then there is Mebbie's teacher... Ms. C.

I mean - let's be honest - is she even old enough to be out of high school!?!

But seriously - she loved on and poured into Mebbie so much this year.

Tonight at bedtime - Mebbie said, "I miss Ms. C. already..." and she has committed to stopping by her classroom next year as often as she can to say "hi!"

And finally - there's Meron's teacher... Mrs. R.

Good grief - she was Meron's BIGGEST CHEERLEADER this past year!

I mean - the way she loved on our girl and guided her and worked with her and helped her grow - it was nothing short of God-honoring work.

She too is moving away after this year and it hit the kids hard today... I mean it's not every day that Laura has to console and hug multiple kids on the last day of classes as they come out with big tears in their eyes.

Mrs. R. - you are loved and you have made a SERIOUSLY HUGE impact in the lives of these kids.

To our teachers this year - THANK YOU - we are thankful for each and every one of you for doing amazing work for little pay for no other reason than you LOVE KIDS and want to see them thrive.

We may not always show it - but we appreciate you more than ya know!

Now go enjoy summer, teachers! You deserve it!

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