Tuesday, May 29, 2018

You Hear That Drum?

Wait... what? You don't hear that drum?

Don't trip over it - i can't hear it either.

Only one person can hear that drum...

It's the drum Z-Dogg walks to!

And it's meant for his ears only!

I love this little goofball's personality... and his willingness to be part of his daddy's goofiness as well!

Tonight he was walking around in that little pink onesie with one leg pulled up and I said:

"Brother man... let's grab some props and go do some photos!"
And he was like instantly down!

I love that about him!

I mean... can a 6 year old possibly possess any more SWAGGER?

I don't think it's possible to be any cooler!

Z-Dogg - daddy loves ya and loves your willingness to be crazy!

Keep listening to that drum Z-Dogg... it's yours and yours alone!

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