Saturday, June 9, 2018

All Good Things...

You know what they say - "All good things must come to an end..." - and that includes our awesome week of road trippin' and taking in new sights!

But we weren't going out without maximizing all we could - so as we rolled back in to Colorado Laura said "Let's stay somewhere and explore!"

She found us the cheapest spot she could in a little town called Avon...

Uhhh... off-season rates allowed us to stay in a place we could have easily just moved in to! It was HUGE!!

The goofballs spent the evening AND the morning in an awesome aquatic center with water slides, water rock climbing walls, lazy rivers and more...

And the plan was to check out and head to Vail to explore that town a bit.

But - as we quickly learned - the GoPro Mountain Games were going on and that town was PACKED!

With nowhere to park we decided to call an audible and head down the road a bit...

We ended up spending the rest of the day in the cool little town of Frisco, CO!

We had an awesome lunch and I loved exploring the main street with this little adventurer!

We also happened upon a set of preserved old buildings turned in to museums and learned a ton about the history of the area (and even dressed up a bit!)...

Reluctantly we left around 4:30 and made our way back to Colorado Springs... where two golden retrievers about lost their minds to see us all!

It's always so fun to explore but there's something special about being back home, too!

As I was tucking in the girls tonight and praying for them - Meron - through some seriously sleepy eyes - said: "Best week ever, Daddy!"

I couldn't agree more!

We're already plotting for the next trip!!

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