Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Didn't Even Know I Had it...

She was standing by my desk with a ziploc baggie marked "From Mebbie" in her hands.

I asked her what was up and she thrust the bag towards me and said:

"Here... I want Brighton Their World to have this... it's thirteen dollars!"
We have regularly reminded them about giving - but $13 was a lot for her... so I said "Mebbie... are you sure..??"

She said:
"Yes, Daddy! I just found it in my room - I didn't even know I had it! So why do I need to keep it?"
This girl...

I kept pressing her - was there somewhere else she wanted to give it to? Something else she cared about? Something close to her heart?

She said:
"Brighton Their World IS close to my heart..."
I do not deserve the joy this girl brings to our world...

But I'll take it!

Mebbie - you rock! Never stop being the you He made you to be!

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