Sunday, June 3, 2018

Week of Adventures!

Over the last decade or so we've saved up most of our PTO and extra money to head to Ethiopia rather than use for vacation...

So I was extra stoked when Laura planned out a fun week for our family this year.

FIRST STOP: Zion National Park

Today we woke up early after a day of traveling and headed to the gates of Zion National Park!

And thanks to Meron being a 4th grader... we got a year of free National Park visits so in we went for free!

These guys were TROOPERS today too!

I'm talking 102 degrees, blazing sun, hiking through some dope canyons kind of troopers!

And we had a blast!

9 hours of hiking, riding shuttles and taking in the views can wipe ya out.

Z-Dogg proved it on the way back to the hotel!

We had a TOTAL BLAST as a family today and are looking forward to the ext adventure!

Westward bound!

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