Saturday, August 25, 2018

More Than a Teacher...

Sometimes you luck out and get a teacher who ends up being so much more than just a "teacher" - they are a friend, a mentor, an advocate and a cheerleader.

That's exactly what we got when Meron lucked out and got Mrs. R. last year.

As we wrapped up the first few weeks of school this year - we recognized some things that were super challenging for Meron. And as we chatted with Meron to understand her pain and hurt around it - we decided to reach out to her teacher from last year and see if she had any wise words for us.

She had WAY more than just words for us.

Saturday she picked Meron up and they went out for some frozen yogurt and some girl time.

What kind of teacher invests this deeply?

We were floored by her willingness to help us out - she clearly LOVES her students and cares way deeper than just whether they walk away learning to read, write and do math.

She cares about their hearts as well.

She brought Meron a journal and gave her some great direction on dealing with some of her current challenges.

Later on - she sent us an email with some amazingly encouraging words that included:

"We also talked about how to be a good friend to ourselves, and how to be mindful of our own worth as a friend and to know the qualities we look for in friends so that we’re best able to identify when friendships are healthy or not.

I encouraged her to make a list of the qualities that make someone a good friend so that she can refer to that and hold herself accountable to the types of friendships she allows in her life.

I reminded her that it is 100% okay to have LOTS of friends, and that I myself don’t have a ‘best friend’ anymore because I have several friends I’m very close to.

My hope is that she is able to spread her love and light where it is most able to shine and be appreciated, because she is simply amazing, and she deserves to be treated with the same love and respect and concern that she shows to others.

PLEASE keep me posted on how she's doing. I know this is such a challenging season, but she is well prepared and supported to face these tricky situations. If you need me, please don't hesitate o call or text!"
I mean... seriously... what did we do to deserve such a gift of a teacher?

Mrs. R. - we can't tell you enough how much we appreciate you, your heart and your obvious love for our little girl. She's going to be just fine and you're a big reason why!

Thank you for going so far above and beyond for our girl!

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