Monday, August 6, 2018

'Twas the Day Before First Day...

Dear Goofballs ~

After we met all your teachers and dropped all your supplies off and made sure everything was squared away for your first day of school tomorrow - I spent some time in prayer for all three of you throughout the rest of the day.

I prayed that God would continue to pull you guys close - and really impress upon you that yes - math and social studies are important. That of course - reading and English and science are things we should learn about. That spelling matters and penmanship is important too.

But more than all of that - He cares so much more about WHO you are and HOW you reflect Him than WHAT it is that you know.

Math can always be learned (well... that common core has me questioning that...). Spelling can be memorized and reading can be exercised.

But really developing the YOU that He made you to be is something that doesn't happen in a classroom with a whiteboard and textbooks.

It happens by trusting the Holy Spirit He put in you and leaning on it - at all times - even while you're learning long division, spelling complex words and reading big chapter books.

And especially while you're interacting with your teachers, the school administration and your classmates.

Go be that bright light for Him guys - SHINE SUPER BRIGHT!

And know this... your daddy has your back ALWAYS in everything you guys do - and I will be praying for you guys regularly this whole year!

You are a gift to me and mommy... a gift we have been sharing with the world for years and won't stop sharing now.

Keep shining guys!

Love always,

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