Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Believe in Something...

What a crazy and weird time is it to be alive these days, no?

I mean... I am sure every generation thinks "Man - these are the craziest times...." but seriously - we may own the true record.

But ya know what the silver lining is of being alive in the craziest of times?

We get to teach the goofballs ALL KINDS of amazing lessons in life.

And one of the bigger, more recent ones has been:

Believe In Something!

These guys have had a front row seat to the fact that sometimes - OFTENTIMES - you'll get put on blast when you stand up for something...

Do it anyways.

In the face of wrong... the face of injustice... the face of inequality...

Stand up for what is right!

Even if it means losing things. And you WILL lose things.

You might lose friends. You might lose fortune.

You might be mocked, laughed at and shunned.

Still... do it anyways.

Because when you stand up for what is right... when you create a voice for those not being heard... what you're doing is showing the world that your heart WORKS.

Your moral compass points in the right direction.

Your love for EVERYBODY shines through.

And ultimately - you bring honor and glory to HIM.

Guys... this world we live in is CRAZY and NUTTY and downright BONKERS sometimes... but you all can help set it stright!

Always believe in something - and know some things are worth sacrificing for!

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