Sunday, September 30, 2018

Underwear Head Crazy Dance

We had a pretty intense game of JENGA going on tonight - and about halfway through the game - a new rule popped up...

The loser had to run down the street with underwear on their head doing a crazy dance!

Well... as luck would have it... DADDY LOST.

Under the watchful eye of Meron - I donned a pair of Z-Dogg's underwear on my head and took off down the street doing a crazy dance!

The goofballs thought I was crazy - but truthfully - what else is new?

Eventually Z-Dogg rocked a pair of underwear too (complete with leg-hole hair puffs) and joined me in my insanity!

Life is crazy these days - so why not embrace it?

Mebbie was recording me and I overheard Meron - through laughter - say several times with joy:

"We have the best family!"

Ya know what Meron? You are so right!

We DO have the best family - and these crazy, fun goofballs of ours make it better by the day!

Life is too short to fall prey to the ickiness of our current culture and society.

Stay crazy... life is better that way!!

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