Saturday, September 8, 2018

"Way to Kick It In, Pele!"

Z-Dogg's first game of the Fall soccer season went down this morning...

And he was ready to get it going!

This little dude has always been a hustler...

But he stepped up his game this year!

So cool to see him out there running as fast as possible all over that field - he didn't slow down once!

Well - maybe ONCE - but it was all mommy and daddy's fault for sure!

We're ordering sports glasses this week for him!

We decided to go "NO GLASSES" for second half - and while we were worried he wouldn't be able to see...

He certainly found us and flashed a gigantic smile!

I ** THINK ** his team lost - but ya know what... it doesn't matter!

Good sportsmanship and fun are top priority for us (but a win is ALWAYS welcome!).

Way to Pele it out there, Z-Dogg!

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