Monday, September 3, 2018

We Survived!

Does she look tired?

Well - she probably is... and so was I because:

We survived 2.5 hours of math and science homework!

The Meronator missed some school last week due to a bug and she had some work to make up.

We hunkered down and a bunch of science and math later - we walked out of Starbucks... weary but alive.

I am really trying to find joy in some of the mundane things we're called to - and really to thank Him for allowing me these moments that will disappear so quickly and I'll never have again.

And today - it was pure joy to watch her lean in, struggle and then get it...

Watching her face reflect the moment something clicked in for her was one of the best things ever.

And as I watched that... it hit me... I GET TO DO THIS.

I don't HAVE to. I GET to.

The task is certainly a privilege and a blessing.

Meron.... your daddy loves you and is super proud of you!

Never stop learning, girl... NEVER STOP!

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