Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sisters Serving Sisters

In case ya didn't know - there's a lot of hair in our house!

Like... a LOT!

And tonight - Meron wanted to de-tangle and get a few braids tossed in her gorgeous hair after unleashing it to be Troy Polamalu at school - but Mommy was jet-lagging like CRAZY and well - daddy is good for nothing in that space...

So who do you think stepped in?

Mebbie absolutely loves doing hair!

She is always Googling new styles to try out on her dolls and on her awesome mommy who lets her go to town on her head.

And tonight - she willingly stepped up to help out not just her sister - but the whole family.

Cuz trust me... hair in this house is a family ordeal!

I am absolutely loving this season that Meron and Mebbie are moving into right now!

Yeah - they're growing up - and I hate that - but they are so helpful and doing things like hair is seriously like a divine gift from above.

Not to mention watching their sister-bond grow deeper is nothing short of joyful.

When I asked Meron about her relationship with Mebbie recently - she looked at me and said with zero hesitation:

"Mebbie is my very best friend!"
You can see that love between them and I pray it never changes - only strengthens.

Way to be awesome, girls!

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