Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Troy, Cowgirl and a Panther

I don't know that a little cold weather and snow has ever stopped a kid from chasing down free candy...

And it certainly didn't get in the way of this group of friends as they hit the streets in their costumes!

Meron reprised her always awesome role as Troy Polamalu - and it just seems to get better with age!

Mebbie channeled her inner cowgirl and channeled it well!

And Z-Dogg went straight WAKANDA on folks this year as he brought his east African heritage to life in his Black Panther outfit!

After 2.5 hours in sub-30 degrees weather... we made it home to see the goods!

The weather definitely didn't get in the way of the haul... that's for sure!

But the temps did catch up with some of us - that's little Z-Dogg thawing out in his jammies after what he thought were some frostbitten fingers (they weren't... just COLD!)

Weather aside - this crew had a blast this year having fun with costumes and friends - and we had as much fun watching them (and maybe sneaking a candy bar or two from their stash!)...

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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