Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Homework... Library Style!

Our crew has always been pretty darn good at doing their homework... with as much as they got going on - they kinda have to!

But today Laura decided to try a new tactic - and right after picking them up at school they drove straight to our local library to camp out and do their homework.

And they LOVED it!

Z-Dogg pointed at his head and then tapped his temple while saying:

"It was so much easier to concentrate there..."
They all got all their work done and had time to walk around and each pick out a book to check out!

And Laura even checked out this massive reading program for Zechie.. a literal suitcase full of reading help!

Guys... Aunt Wendy the Librarian would be super proud!

We gotta remember this great resource exists right down the road from us!

Local library for the win!

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