Thursday, November 1, 2018

Look Who Turned 11!

What has us all kissing and hugging on our big girl like this?

Today was her 11th birthday.... that's what!

And those hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy have been there from this point on as she has grown and been such a bright light for nearly everyone she has ever come to know!

And all this beautiful girl wanted was to skip school and hang out with her mom and dad all day!

Well - that - AND a little blue hairspay in her hair!

All of which was very doable!

After her hair was blued up - we headed for a birthday drink from Starbucks!

Next - we got our bowl on (Meron's choice!) - where we all did surprisingly pretty good!

Since it was her birthday - the guy there gave her a card to redeem in the arcade area afterwards.

This was Meron on a motorcycle... TERRIFYING!

And that's the face of her scoring some tickets on the wheel spinny thing!

Her time behind the wheel of this car wasn't much better than the motorcycle... okay, okay... we got 5 more years before this is a reality (praise Jesus)...

We ended our mommy-daddy-meron Day-date at one of her favorite restaurants - Red Robin - where they all sang to her and brought her some goodies too!

While I've got a blog brewing about this girl's life and the impact it has had on me was all about having some fun celebrating HER life!

And that we did!

Happy birthday, Sweet Girl!

I am thankful God made you the YOU that He did!

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