Monday, November 19, 2018

Mebbie Strong

Ya know what you're looking at in that photo up there?

That's "Mebbie Strong" right there, people!

I love this girl's fierce tenacity and warriorship.

She came up to me tonight and told me about an interaction she had last week on the playground.

A young white girl walked up to her at recess and said:

"Hey Mebbie... did you know that Nike disrespects the military and the flag?"
Mebbie - not being one to back down - decided to lean in instead and engaged with this girl - who she definitely considers a friend.

She explained WHY Colin Kaepernick and others are peacefully protesting and that it was never disrespectful at all - that certain members of the media, leadership and the general public want to make it out to be but it's not.

And then she asked her friend:
"Did you know he lost his job for standing strong for what he believes in?"
She said her friend seemed a bit stunned and just responded with,
"Oh... no I didn't. I just think it's disrespectful because that's just what my mom told me."
See... what's going on at home makes its way to the playground - every time.

The good AND the bad.

The positive in all of this?

Mebbie and I had about 20 minutes of GREAT conversation that was able to help equip her for future playground discussions!

We talked about the disproportionate stats around police brutality and race, we talked about stereotypes and biases, we talked about why that little girl came right up to HER and not somebody else...

We talked about Colin Kaepernick consulting with the military to see what was the best way to go about executing a peaceful protest and we talked about others in sports who were backing him and supporting the causes he believed in.

We talked about Jemel Roberson as a very recent example of bias and snap judgement against young black men that ends in DEATH.

We talked about her brother - a young black male on the come up - and how I pray every day for his future.

We talked about righteous indignation and what that means for us and what it meant to Jesus.

We also talked about where our family stands and the "friends" we've lost because of that.

Her wheels were turning - I could see it - when she said:
"I'm gonna give her more of the background now that I know more."
And this daddy was BEAMING with pride.

Ya know what Mebbie does EXCEPTIONALLY WELL too?

She delivers "Mebbie Strong" with so much love, so much empathy, so much compassion...

It looks like the above picture and you can't help but feel her bright light shining even as you receive her hard truths!

Mebbie - you keep doing what God built you to do girl... speak TRUTH in LOVE... and know that this daddy ALWAYS has your back!

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