Sunday, November 4, 2018

My Son, My Brother...

He walked into that tub of warm water already knowing he had been saved and redeemed by Jesus - that was for sure!

But now he was ready to tell the world about it!

And I couldn't be more proud of his spirit and soul and willingness to be used so that others may know Him better!

I couldn't keep the tears back as he stared into my eyes...

I told him how loved he was, how special he was, how made in HIS image he was...

And then I asked him:

"Z-Dogg... do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and do you believe in Him as your Lord and Savior?"
It was a quick "yes" from my little man...

And then I dunked him!

And while he knows very well that this water wasn't magical and didn't do anything but make him wet - he did take his first step in being bold and courageous in his faith - something we as a family ALWAYS want to do as we strive to honor and glorify Him with all we say and do.

I was explaining to him later that back when he had chosen to be a disciple of Jesus - he went from being just my son, to also being my brother in Christ - and he had just told a big room of people about that... he loved that!!

Way to be bold Zechie... and way to honor his name!!

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